Landscape Plans Resolved

The Old Way
When a homeowner is in need of a landscape plan he usually calls a landscape designer to come to his home for a consultation. Finding a convenient time for both the designer and the homeowner can be hard to do. If both parties can attend the proposed appointment the designer will ask the homeowner what they are looking for in their landscape and the homeowner will try to describe what he’s looking for.
The designer will take notes and measurements of the landscape and then return to his office. He will then proceed to recall the details from the consultation to generate a landscape plan for his client. After he is done he will contact the homeowner again and make an appointment to present his work. When it’s convenient, both parties will meet and the landscape plan is exchanged.

This process takes a week at the least and often takes several weeks because the designer is busy driving all around the region visiting homeowners to attend these consultations and delivering plans.

The Resolve
At Resolve LLC the demand for plan has grown so high that we have developed a simpler way of providing quality landscape plans for homeowners. When a homeowner orders a landscape plan from Resolve LLC they are mailed an intake packet with a free camera. The homeowner follows the photo guide provided and takes snapshots of his existing landscape. He then fills out the questionnaire and mails it back with the film. He gets to keep the camera! Within a week the homeowner is sent a beautiful and functional landscape plan based on the information he provided.
This new method of communicating with homeowners to generate the information needed to design landscape plans is revolutionary. What it does is takes the complicated logistics out of what can be a simple and fun process.
A homeowner is not put on the spot when answering questions about his landscape. He can research his answers to the questionnaire or leave it up to the designer. After all that’s what we do best is design.

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